Nutrition during pregnancy 'Event'


My name is Sharon Looyen, until my 19th birthday, I was repeatedly hospitalised due to chronic cystitis / pyelonephritis, antibiotics was a big part of my life. After my malfunctioning kidney was removed and I finally was pain free after 18 years, my biggest challenge began; dealing with poor bowel function. Not the most fun topic to talk about, but my reality. Doctors often don't tell how to improve your intestinal flora with food, they have no idea or no time to advise.

I have accomplished several educations (organic food consultant, orthomolecular nutrition & supplements, basic medical, psychosocial knowledge, colon therapy) to know all about the power of nutrition, the effect on your intestinal flora and the effect of nutrition during pregnancy.


Improve your intestinal flora

Your gut flora is related to 80% of your immune system, much of your energy, your skin and hair condition, your general health and a lot more, such as fertility and digestion. During your pregnancy you are directly connected to your baby, your nutrition intake and lifestyle is the only control you have, the rest is beyond your power. Your baby has a sterile intestinal flora in the womb. During a vaginal birth you give a part of your intestinal flora to your child. This is done primarily through your own intestinal flora, skin contact and breastfeeding. Therefore, it is important to spend extra attention to your gut during the last phase of your pregnancy. 


Conscious diet during pregnancy

I believe that nutrition & lifestyle is the foundation of the health of your baby, if you eat consciously, you give your baby the best possible start in your abdomen during pregnancy and during natural birth.


For nine months you share your body and food with your baby. Everything you put into your mouth reaches him. That's why it is important to choose products that will not only support your baby's growth, but also builds a strong immune system for the both of you. So rather than focusing on what you CAN NOT eat during pregnancy, I'll help you to focus on what you SHOULD eat. 


I am now 34 years old, I have a healthy daughter of 13 months (20-6-2016) and I had a great pregnancy, partly because of my diet, which I adjusted during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 



Where: The Cold Pressed Juicery - Prinsengracht 154 - Amsterdam

When: Thursday 28th of September 2017, from 19u till 21u.

How much? 10 Euro per person, please bring your friend/husband for free.

What to expect: Free healthy drink and all the information you need to know about having a healthy pregnancy, dealing with certain complaints and how to recover as soon as possible after pregnancy. There is time to answer your personal questions.

Language: English & Dutch

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Nutrition during pregnancy event
Sep 28, 2017, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
The Cold Pressed Juicery,
Prinsengracht 154, 1016 HA Amsterdam, Nederland

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